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Let Yorkshire Baker become your in house artisan pastry chef!

We invest skill, passion and time so you don’t have to. Let Yorkshire Baker become your secret ingredient!

Our artisan approach to craft and production provides unrivalled handcrafted quality every time taking away all the stress and hassle from you, delivering proper hearty, filled to the brim with the finest ingredients and prime cuts of British meat to your customers.

We are honest, proud and take a no nonsense approach in producing each and every handcrafted pie, sausage roll, quiche, pasty and scotch egg.

Since 2008 Yorkshire Baker has provided local Delis & Farm Shops with exceptional quality handcrafted pastry products, available to order freshly cooked, frozen to cook fresh at your convenience and in retail on-the-go or take home packaging.


Delivering a Personalised Service

If you don’t see what you’re looking for do get in touch, as well as all the flavours you see on our products page our artisan skills and approach allows us the flexibility to offer you a personal touch. Please enquire for further details along with your requirements.

We’re proud of everything we make and activity support all our stockists through sampling, so if you are having a ‘meet the buyer’ event just let us know! We also offer our stockists a selection of point of sale items such as A-frame Yorkshire Baker branded boards, branded pen tick product cards and deli counter wobblers.


 Yorkshire Baker products are Exclusively Distributed by

Julyan The Baker


For all enquires about becoming a stockist please email or call 01653 699855

Proper food handcrafted in Yorkshire

Filled with delicious hearty ingredients

Perfect pastry rolled, rested and rolled again

Time is our secret ingredient